So right now I’m in Székesfehérvár
in Hungary. I have lots of catching up to do…so I’ll give the brief update.

Israel was a blast and a blur. I had more fun, did more stuff, met more cool people, and had such a great time in 10 days. I’ll write more about that later. Right now it’s kinda hard because I’m on a Hungarian keyboard. Letters, punctuation, and shift keys are not where I expect them. I mistype and have to correct about every third word.

Flew from Tel Aviv to Budapest on Thursday the 31st. The flight was cool–flew Malev, the Hungarian airline. The russian guy across the aisle from me drank a whole bottle of vodka with his wife during the flight. His face was beet red. After drinking, he started trying to text message. The nice croatian guy sitting next to me (Nikola) told him to shut his phone off.

I landed in Budapest and was picked up by my friend Gyula. We spent the first night in his town, Székesfehérvár. Went into the old city center, and had a lot of beer. A nice dinner too!

Friday we went to the lake house on Lake Balaton, the “Hungarian Sea.” (Look on Google Maps for perspective) I had a tremendous amount of Hungarian food–lots of carbohydrates. Lángos, Palacsinta, Kürt?skalács, Halászlé, and more. And, of course, beer. I can’t even keep up. I struggle through my third (not bottle, but half-liter!), and these folks are on their 5th easily!

The lake was great. Very relaxing. Just chilled. On Saturday Gyula and I went to a natural mineral hot spring. There were tons of German and Austrian tourists there. Went swimming in the natural warm waters. I found the experience to be very therapeutic, as advertised.

Now we are back in Székesfehérvár. Tonight we will barbecue. Tomorrow and during the week I’ll go into Budapest.

More to come! Egeszsegedre!


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