Hubble Space Telescope book from TASCHEN

Adding this awesome-looking Hubble Space Telescope book to my wish list! Now if I only had a coffee table… Check it out: Expanding Universe. Photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope. TASCHEN Books

Airplane Cockpits : Operating Rooms

What management principle do airplane cockpits and operating rooms share? When it comes to managing risk from human error, specifically fixation or lack of awareness of a problem, both environments demand the “Two Challenge Rule.” >> Cockpit culture and using the two challenge rule in the OR | Kevin MD

Busyness is Not a Virtue

“How are you?” “Oh, you know, crazy busy.” If you find yourself responding like that, or if you find yourself dealing with lots of people who respond like that, then this blog post is a great read. >> Busyness is Not a Virtue : iDoneThis blog How do you deal with feelings of being crazy busy …

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Criticism vs. Cynicism

Throughout our lives we face critique — feedback from others about our work and behavior. How do we tell what feedback to take to heart, and what to disregard? Recently The 99 Percent featured an article about Criticism vs. Cynicism, which presents a lens through which to evaluate the responses we get from others. I …

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Fouad Ajami on the U.N. and a Palestinian State

Fouad Ajami wrote the opinion piece below for the Wall Street Journal back in June. It’s still timely a couple months later as Palestine seeks a declaration of statehood from the United Nations this week. While it’s high time that the Palestinian people join the international community and adopt the responsibilities of statehood, Ajami makes a crucial point …

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