Impossible Is Nothing

Okay, I got turned on to this phenomenon through a friend of mine on Wall Street. On Friday morning (10/6), Aleksey Vayner was another name in a pile of resumes. Another job applicant from Yale for an entry-level banking job. But by the afternoon his site had crashed, a new Facebook group had been started in his honor, and the whole of Wall Street knew of his ridiculous story. Emails circulated with his 9-page resume (CEO of his own companies), his website (Aleksey Vayner: CEO and Professional Male Model), and the link to his resume video, “Impossible is Nothing.” His website is unfortunately still down, but some smart folks salvaged his “Impossible Is Nothing” video and posted it on YouTube (*10/11 note: YouTube took down the video after a cease and desist letter from Vayner! So IvyGate put it on another site, which I’ve updated here). And the rest is history. For the deeper scoop, check out the IvyGate blog. From everything I hear, this guy’s for real.

Impossible Is Nothing:


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