Vitamin “Water” is bull

“Vitamin” Water, “Antioxidant” Water, “Life” Water… what is all this crap that I’m seeing advertised everywhere? First of all, most people are NOT vitamin deficient. (For that matter, most people being sold this stuff are saturated with all kinds of nutritional input.) Second, calling this stuff “water” is totally misleading. It’s as much water as Coca-Cola, Sprite, Gatorade, or celery — all of which are mostly water, but none of which we’d rightly label “water.”All this “magic water” fluff is ridiculous. Give this stuff a non-misleading name. I love lemonade, orange juice, apple juice, and plenty of other caloric water-based liquids that I’m plenty happy to call by their non-water names.

I’m waiting for “water beer.” Oh wait, we have that already. It’s called Coors Lite.