Orhan Pamuk’s Nobel Lecture

Having just finished “Other Colors: Essays and a Story,” a collection of essays by Nobel Prize recipient Orhan Pamuk, it seems like a good time to recommend his work.

Pamuk, who lives and works in Istanbul, features Turkey and his home city prominently in his writing. While many of his stories are very much about Turkey, the ideas at the core of his work are universal. (The mark of a great writer, of course)

The final essay, “My Father’s Suitcase,” was one of my favorites in “Other Colors.” Extremely touching, completely heartfelt, and very thoughtful. “My Father’s Suitcase” was also Pamuk’s Nobel Lecture, which he delivered upon receiving the Nobel Price in Literature in 2006.

Luckily the Nobel Lectures are freely available online, so you can read “My Father’s Suitcase” without buying the book:

>> Link: Orhan Pamuk – Nobel Lecture – “My Father’s Suitcase”

>> Download: PDF version of the lecture for your e-book reader

The short (2-6 page) essays in “Other Colors” make for excellent bedtime reading. You can buy the book here:


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