What’s that you see from your airplane window?

Super cool technology that lets you know what you’re looking at from 30,000 feet:

The idea is that, if you’re online and in the air (and the Mondo Window guys have been blowing my mind with the technical, infrastructural and business models that allow this to happen), you can access the various APIs that track where all the planes are. And if you can do that, and you know what plane you’re on, Mondo Window can more or less know where your plane is. And if we know that, and we know more or less how high your plane is, then we know what you can see out the window on both sides of the plane. And then we can show you relevant Wikipedia and Flickr content.

With this kind of technology, what will the pilots use the intercom to tell us about? (“As you already know from your iPhone, that’s Tucson off the starbird window…”)

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