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Japan’s Post-Quake Nuclear Energy Troubles Explained

The Economist presents a thorough primer on what’s going on at Japan’s failed nuclear energy facilities–the science, technology, obstacles, crises, and solutions are all explained well. A good read if you want a high-level overview of the terrible situation there. >> Link: The post-earthquake nuclear crisis: The Japan syndrome | The Economist

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A quick read that makes you think about how you interact online, offline, and everywhere. What worries me are the consequences of a diet comprised mostly of fake-connectedness, makebelieve insight, and unedited first drafts of everything. Read more >> Better – Merlin Mann

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SimCity Baghdad

From The Atlantic‘s January/February 2010 edition, a piece about work at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. They are developing interactive simulations to train Army personnel about better ways to interact in urban combat environments. A pleasant surprise as I read through my subscription backlog. Not only because the subject matter is interesting, but also

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