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Volcanic Ash + Jet Engines

As the eruption of Iceland’s volcano Eyjafjallajokull (a nightmare for both airlines and non-Icelandic newscasters) has shut down all of northern Europe’s air travel, the New Scientist presents a nice primer on why and how volcanic ash threatens aircraft: Volcanic ash is composed of particles of glassy pulverised rock less than 2 millimetres in diameter. …

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Worlds oldest man, WWI veteran dies

From Yahoo! News: Allingham, who was the world’s oldest man when he died Saturday at 113, attributed his remarkable longevity to “cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women.” Worlds oldest man, WWI veteran dies – Yahoo! News

Washington Post: Counter-Terror War Plans

War Plans Drafted To Counter Terror Attacks in U.S.: articles like this one are eerie, if anything. It’s basically terrorism war games–while practice is necessary to know what to do in the real thing, these kind of things are never really “comforting.” Hmmm.

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