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Googling into the past

Every now and again I Google my name to see what pops up. Today, a pleasant blast from the past–a reminder that I was a spelling bee contender when I was 11. (Evidently, so were quite a few other kids!) Also, I wonder if “Googling” is fair game in a spelling bee today? >> Link: Students …

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Take Your Name Off Your War? (Dick Cheney slow jam remix)

I was just watching President Obama’s Afghanistan Plan in 4 Minutes on YouTube. It’s part of The White House YouTube Channel. You can watch the video right here: What struck me–aside from the President’s talking points on the war–is just how few views the video has. As of this writing the video’s been up for …

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WHY: Wally-Hermes Yachts. Why not?

For fun, for style, for investment. Too many reasons to get yourself one of these Wally-Hermès Yachts: Check out the design specs. Absolutely stunning. Who knows how much they will cost, or who will own them. But I would love to step onboard. (Thanks to Steven for sending me this link)

Project Tuva from Bill Gates & Microsoft

Bill Gates has funded a project at Microsoft Research to provide classic lectures in physics for free online. Some of the famous Feynman Lectures are presented with searchable video, embedded information, and educational resources. Check it out at Project Tuva.

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