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Danish Bike Superhighway

Bicycling Magazine reports on Copenhagen’s plans for a bike superhighway. According to the report: Considered one of Europe’s two “bicycle capitals” along with Amsterdam, Copenhagen counts more bicycles than people and cycling is so popular that its numerous bike paths can become congested. Two-wheeler traffic jams are especially regular on the main Noerrebrogade thoroughfare used

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Eating Right for Exercise

For the athletically minded, Active.com presents a nice primer on the fundamentals of nutrition for proper energy during workouts. Sometimes we forget that proper nutrition isn’t just for serious professional athletes. Worth a read if you hit the gym, the bike, hiking trails, the pool, etc. >> Link: How to Fuel for Your Workout

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Descending the Tour de France

I’m loving the Tour de France right now. These guys are tearing up roads and mountains on bikes. Amazing. For those who doubt the intensity of the race, you’ve only to watch Fabian Cancellara descend a mountain from last year’s Tour: The Mozart symphony adds excellent effect. I think I gasped a couple times during

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