Multitasking: not so good for us after all

First, I must admit I found this article while distracting myself by surfing Yahoo! News (while also drinking coffee, checking email, and making a to-do list). Adds a bit of irony when you read about a Stanford study which finds that often people who multitask are bad at it.


Which makes me think of a great concept for a reality TV show: find someone who’s totally addicted to technology (email, iPhone, Blackberry, Twitter, Facebook…you know, the usual suspects. Finding this person, by the way, shouldn’t be too hard these days. If you put out a Twitter notice, I’m sure you’d have 1,000 candidates in a few hours.) See, I did it again– diverged. Let’s start fresh: Find someone addicted to technology, and take it all away. They’re allowed home phone and snail mail. Not even fax. And put it on TV. (That seems to be the recipe for a reality show, right?)

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