Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

From the Wall Street Journal, an editorial about parenting styles and cultural expectations. Sure to rouse you, one way or another. >> Link: Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior –

The Hipster in the Mirror

Finally, someone’s seriously taking a look at what makes a hipster a hipster. Insights such as: All hipsters play at being the inventors or first adopters of novelties: pride comes from knowing, and deciding, what’s cool in advance of the rest of the world. Yet the habits of hatred and accusation are endemic to hipsters …

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Obstacles facing the European Union

NPR’s Morning Edition concluded a series on the European Union this morning with a fantastic overview of the challenges facing the future of the EU: financial, political, and–most importantly–cultural. I found Rob Gifford’s piece the most digestible, concise, and on-point summary of the issue I’ve heard in the media. >> Listen to piece, and read …

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