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PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is a very cool website partnership between PBS and WGBH Boston. They’re taking free PBS media content and adding a great discovery and filtering layer on the web that allows educators (or anyone, for that matter) to find compelling assets to compliment or supplement academic learning.

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Cosmic Origins: Birth, Life, and Death of the Universe

The University of Arizona presents a well-produced series of engaging lectures on popular cosmology: the origins of the universe, black holes, dark matter, the big bang, and the search for (and understanding of) life in the universe. It’s all free on iTunes U–a fantastic source for free audio and video courses online. >> Link: Cosmic Origins

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‘Academically Adrift’

From Inside Higher Ed, a review of a new book about the failings of contemporary higher education, “Academically Adrift.” “How much are students actually learning in contemporary higher education? The answer for many undergraduates, we have concluded, is not much,” write Richard Arum (professor of sociology and education at New York University) and Josipa Roksa

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Troubling Handling of International Issues at USC

According to an article in the Daily Trojan (the college paper at the University of Southern California), last week 2 representatives of a pro-Israel group were removed from an open meeting at the request of organizations petitioning for California’s divestment in Israel. When the pair arrived, it seems that attendees started yelling at them. The

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