A NY Times crossword hint!

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For those of you working on today’s (July 22, 2015) NY Times Crossword, I’ll give you this hint: my name appears somewhere on the board! Hope that wasn’t too much of a spoiler. This crossword is a pretty fun one. Give it a shot! > Go play the crossword! > Read about this¬†puzzle on the …

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Cheryl’s Birthday Problem and Information Filtering

I love seeing teasers¬†about math and logic gain popular appeal! Here’s the math (specifically, logic) problem that the internet is talking about today: You can get the full problem nicely presented on either The Guardian or The New York Times websites. A number of other sites are talking about it today, too. Just Google “Cheryl …

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Puzzle Time: Think Like a Pre-Schooler

Time for a brain teaser! All the info you need is in the picture below: Click the photo for a full-resolution version you can print and share with your friends. Thanks to Martin van Velsen for posting this to Facebook!

A puzzler

Replace each letter below with a digit to make the math correct: Contact me when you figure it out! (Puzzler courtesy of The Mensa Puzzle Calendar)

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