Fouad Ajami on the U.N. and a Palestinian State

Fouad Ajami wrote the opinion piece below for the Wall Street Journal back in June. It’s still timely a couple months later as Palestine seeks a declaration of statehood from the United Nations this week. While it’s high time that the Palestinian people join the international community and adopt the responsibilities of statehood, Ajami makes a crucial point …

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Troubling Handling of International Issues at USC

According to an article in the Daily Trojan (the college paper at the University of Southern California), last week 2 representatives of a pro-Israel group were removed from an open meeting at the request of organizations petitioning for California’s divestment in Israel. When the pair arrived, it seems that attendees started yelling at them. The …

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Israeli Airport Security

For the past few weeks, the news has been filled with stories about airport security. Here in the US, we’re accustomed to metal detectors and x-ray machines by now. Now full body scanners may be next. As scanning measures go high-tech here at home, the world’s most security-intensive culture might prove that low-tech is more …

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In Israel, on a kibbutz

I am sitting outdoors on a kibbutz outside of Jerusalem. The past few days have been as action-packed as possible. I am typing on an iPhone. (thanks Scott!) This is great. More to come when I’m at a computer. (shout-out to everyone sitting here with me!)

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