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Fouad Ajami on the U.N. and a Palestinian State

Fouad Ajami wrote the opinion piece below for the Wall Street Journal back in June. It’s still timely a couple months later as Palestine seeks a declaration of statehood from the United Nations this week. While it’s high time that the Palestinian people join the international community and adopt the responsibilities of statehood, Ajami makes a crucial point …

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Japan’s Post-Quake Nuclear Energy Troubles Explained

The Economist presents a thorough primer on what’s going on at Japan’s failed nuclear energy facilities–the science, technology, obstacles, crises, and solutions are all explained well. A good read if you want a high-level overview of the terrible situation there. >> Link: The post-earthquake nuclear crisis: The Japan syndrome | The Economist

Google’s response to Japan’s earthquake and tsunami

While the news media has been brining us incredible and sad accounts of what’s happened in Japan, the response from Google has been different–and incredible in its own right. Within hours of the earthquake and tsunami, Google had compiled a special site with information about local municipalities, a person finder that you can embed on …

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Talk about a “Power Dinner”…

President Obama dines with Silicon Valley leaders including Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Oracle chief Larry Ellison, and a bunch of others.

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