Cosmic Origins: Birth, Life, and Death of the Universe

The University of Arizona presents a well-produced series of engaging lectures on popular cosmology: the origins of the universe, black holes, dark matter, the big bang, and the search for (and understanding of) life in the universe. It’s all free on iTunes U–a fantastic source for free audio and video courses online. >> Link: Cosmic Origins …

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Antimatter of Fact…

Exciting news today as scientists announce the successful entrapment of antimatter. According to Nature: [A] research collaboration at CERN, Europe’s particle-physics lab near Geneva, Switzerland, has managed, 38 times, to confine single antihydrogen atoms in a magnetic trap for more than 170 milliseconds. The Economist presents a nice overview (in their usual cheeky tone). >> …

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The James Webb Space Telescope

I was just watching a TV special on the Hubble Space Telescope, which has proved immensely useful to scientific research. Then started reading more about the next generation, the James Webb Space Telescope. Seems really cool. Fun if you’re into physics, astronomy, space, or just plain old discovery.

Project Tuva from Bill Gates & Microsoft

Bill Gates has funded a project at Microsoft Research to provide classic lectures in physics for free online. Some of the famous Feynman Lectures are presented with searchable video, embedded information, and educational resources. Check it out at Project Tuva.

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